On this site you’ll find both information on accommodation in connection with summer courses and also a top-3-best-recommendations on how to find accommodation during summer.

During the summer of 2019, Campus Gotland, Gotlandshem and Gotland’s student union Rindi’s housing office will be collaborating on the leasing of student apartments on Mejerigatan and Fältgatan in Visby. Only those admitted to a summer course at Uppsala University Campus Gotland and who intend to study actively during summer 2019 can apply for these apartments. This offer does not apply to summer distance courses. Admission information will be sought for all students. There are a limited number of apartments available and these will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

If you have questions before arrival, contat:  Uppsala University Housing Office, Ph; 018-490 51 00 or e-mail: info@housingoffice.se

Apartments will be leased solely for the weeks that your summer course is taking place. The apartments are located in halls and have their own bathroom and a kitchenette with cooking utensils. They are furnished with a bed, including duvet and pillow, a dining table, chairs, bookshelf, desk and floor lamp. You do not need to be registered as seeking accommodation with Gotlandshem who own the apartments.
When you have been accepted to your sommer course more information will be send to you via email. When these apartments have been leased, Rindi’s housing office will no longer have any accommodation to administer.


Top-3-list of recommendations on how to find accommodation during summertime

1) Talk to as many people as possible in every network you find yourself in. Let everyone know that you are looking for accommodation during summer on Gotland. Perhaps you will meet other students or persons also looking? Why not get together and share? If you have found a larger accommodation but need room mates you can place an ad for free here.

2) Summer job on the Gotland? Ask your future employer about advice and contacts for accommodation during summer.

3) Look everywhere! Over the whole island (not just Visby) and in many places at the same time. In some places buses run more frequently during summer. We recommend the following links:

– Advertisements: www.blocket.se or http://helagotland.lokus.se/
– Facebook groups: ”Gotland bostad hyres/uthyres Gotland”, ”BOSTÄDER – Köpes, säljes, uthyres Gotland”, ”Hyra hus på Gotland”
– Accommodation, 1-2 nights? Contact the hostels:
www.vandrarhemvisby.se http://visbylogi.se/ www.visbyfangelse.se
– Hemse Folkhögskola, app. 50 minutes by bus from Visby. Contact Over seas Director, e-mail: daniel.malm@gotland.se, phone: 46 (0)70-083 25 70