Apartment available, nov.-dec.

I rent an apartment until end of January. It is one and a half rooms with two beds, furnitures and fully equipped kitchen. Size is 30 sqm. and location is in Visby near to Österport. More info here https://gotlandsboenden.se/lagenheter/visby-lagenhetshotell/

I will however go for an internship on the mainland from early Nov. and the apartment will be empty til I come back in January for next semester.
Rental period would be: Nov. – Dec. 2022 (first week in Jan. is available too), but there’s a good chance you can take over my contract from Feb. and stay til semester ends in May/June.

Rent I pay: 6800 kr/month, discount because of short term. -25 %, ie. 5100 kr/month.
Rent from Feb. I would guess is on same conditions as I had, ie. 6800 kr/month.

Send me an email if you find it interesting. I don’t want to post phone nb. here, but you can have it over email.

Kind regards
Jonathan (I am from Sweden, so either Swedish or English is fine)