Looking for accommodation-Urgent

Hello! Me and my friend are looking for a place where to live for this academic year. We are looking for any kind of place. If you want to share a place with us please let us know. Below you will find a short description of us.

Contact info:
Valentyn: 0734664048


My name is George-Gabriel, I am from Romania and I’m 21 years old. Currently I am student at Uppsala University campus Gotland and I am studying Game design and Graphics.
I really love this program so I am doing a lot of school work but when I am free I like to go out for a walk by the sea or have some fika with my friends. My hobbies are playing games, watching TV shows and spending time with dear people. (not a fan of parties) I like things to be in order so I am cleaning quite often. I like cooking and baking a lot. (I might bake my special apple pie if we ever have fika). I do not drink but I do enjoy a glass of whine at the end of an exhausting week. I do not smoke so you don’t have to worry about that. I love cats but at the moment I can’t afford to own a pet due to other responsabilities. This is a short description about me. If you wish to know more please let me know. 🙂

Hello! My name is Valentyn. I am a Video Game Design and Graphics student at Uppsala University. I am originally from Portugal. I am 23 years old. I have been living in Sweden for 3 years and I am very much enjoying it here!
I am very diligent, calm, clean, sociable, and I am a non-smoker. In my free time, I like dedicating time to hobbies such as making art and researching technology topics. I also like to stay active by going outside for walks or jogs.