Looking for potential roommates

My name is Christos. I am 28 years old. I recently moved to Sweden from Greece less than a year ago. I have already studied classic literature and linguistics in the past and I have now been accepted to university in Visby where I will be studying Video Game Design and Graphics. I am currently looking for a place to stay in Visby but I am having no luck finding an apartment, so I thought I would post here in case someone is looking for a roommate. I am very friendly and easy-going as a person. I also have an awesome board game collection if you’re into that!
It’s important to note that I have my cat with me so pets being allowed is a must. Don’t worry about not getting along, she is the chillest, friendliest cat ever 🙂
Please reach out if you are interested and you would like more information about me. I’d be glad to answer all of your questions! You can call me at 0737246236, or send me an email at omnievul@gmail.com