Rent out a room in my apartment from 10th-30th June and from 1st Sep 2020-15th June2021

Hej, I am Olivia, a second year master student in sustainable destination development.
Looking for somewhere to live?
I am now renting out a room in my apartment from June10th-30th, and also for the coming new semester from 1st Sep 2020-15th June 2021.

It is a 78m2 apartment with two bedrooms, a bathroom with bathtub, a big kitchen with dishwasher and every cooking staffs, a big living room with tv and a balcony.

It is in Signalgatan in Visby. 30mins waking to campus Gotland and 10mins by bike. Bus station is 100m away and a maxi (market) is just 100m away. So you will be very very close to the market.

Your room will be covered with a double bed, a small tv and Study desk, small sofa, an additional mattress and two wardrobes. You do n’t need to prepare any extra kitchenware or furniture

Most importantly, this apartment is on the third floor. Keep your privacy and very quite.

I am an organized, hardworking student who emphasizes on sleeping and studying quality. If you are the same person like me who want to have a quite and peaceful place to focus on your study, please contact me.

Rents for June10-30th : 4000sek
Rents for the new semesters: 5500sek per month