Student Looking for Accomodation :)

Hej! Jag heter Josué Alan. I originally moved to Stockholm to study Jazz music at KMH, but after a year I decided to switch career paths and now I’m studying Sustainable Energy Transitions and Leadership at Uppsala University in Visby this fall.

So, I’m looking for accommodation closer to campus in the innerstad in Visby for this next school year and I was hoping you could help with some information and photos of available accomodation.

Little bit more about me:
I’m 24 years old. I was born in Mexico, raised in Texas and now I live in Stockholm. I’m really interested in helping the planet by finding sustainable solutions to help against climate change.
My current hobbies are mostly writing, producing music, yoga and climbing. I’m well traveled and I’ve lived in the US, Mexico, UK and now I’m here in Sweden! I’ve also worked as a manager at a restaurant in Södermalm and I’ve taught music on the side. I’m a considerate and kind person and I’m a fan of clean spaces so I’m often cleaning up around my room/apartment. I’m plant-based and I love to cook! I don’t smoke and I have no allergies!

Jag lär mig svenska y hablo español también.

Thank you!
Josué Alan