Room/ flat search

Hello, ladies and gentlemen and everyone in between 🙂

I’m looking for a place to stay in Visby for 2 years. Preferably a large room or a flat with facilities included. Maximum of 2 – 3 other students in the house. I’m open to different regions of Gotland. It doesn’t have to be the closest to campus though it would be great if there was a bus stop nearby due to the lack of my own car.

A little about me 🙂
I’m a 28-year-old freshly admitted to the MA Game Design program student identifying as a cis woman (she/her, they/them) at Uppsala University. I’m living in Poland and I was born in Turkey so I have double nationalities however I’ve been living in Poland for most of my life. I’m mostly quiet but social and open as well. I like playing video games, reading comic books, traveling, and discovering new stuff.

I’m starting my semester on the 28th of August with a program lasting two years.
I would prefer to find a lovely place to stay for my whole studies. ( 2 academic years)

Thank you for your help and effort 🙂